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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Night Show on CBS

Tonight we'll see Dan complete his task of hugging (Jessie) for 10 seconds, and we'll get to see the POV Comp (can't wait to see that!!!!) and then the POV Ceremony!!!

Just a couple more minutes left before the show begins, so grab something to drink, tune into CBS, and get ready to watch the show!!!

*Show Begins*

Flashback to the Nomination Ceremony..

Jessie: "Shocker!" (he was kidding)
Michelle says that in Big Brother, the pawns always go home (yup! lol)

April tells Jessie to trust her that he won't go home. Ollie comes in and tells him he's not going home. They hug.

America's Player task:
Hug a HG for at least 10 seconds. He saw it was Jessie and was like "Oohhh MAN!!" Hahaha!!! Dan told Jessie some big sob story about his girlfriend Monica. Jessie was being really sincere to him and giving him pep talks. Dan said he felt bad for fooling him. lol They hugged (for nearly 20 seconds lol) and Dan looked up at the camera.

Time to pick players for the Veto Comp!!!!

Only 6 people will compete:
*April (HOH)
*Memphis (Nom)
*Jessie (Nom)
*Michelle (picked by April)
*Libra (picked by Jessie)
*Jerry (picked by Memphis)

Host: Renny (chosen by April)

They're showing April complaining about who was picked for the veto comp. (This is when that big fight happens and the house blows the hell up!)

April gives Libra looks as if she's not a good competitor and made Libra feel like shit. Everybody leaves the HOH room and April & Ollie remain alone. April calls Libra a bitch and that she makes excuses for every comp she has lost.

Downstairs, Libra was complaining about April and Jessie was woken up by this. Jessie goes up to the HOH and stirs the pot by telling April that Libra is pissed and yelling. April says that she's gonna confront them, and Ollie says "I'm not stopping you."


April goes and confronts Libra. (I've already covered this whole fight the other night, so I'm going to watch it all unfold & not blog this part.)

Okay, they showed Part 1 of the fight. Part 2 will come after the commercial.


Jessie comes in and starts his shit with Libra now. They showed Keesha saying "F-you" to Jessie, etc etc.

Did anyone else laugh their ass off when they all sung Keesha "Happy Birthday"??? LOL


Time for the POV Comp!!!! It's a hockey-themed comp (remember how BB gave them a hockey game for the backayard? Well, it was for practice.) I'm going to watch this right back!

Memphis won the Veto.

Michelle won a Hawaii vacation. She kept it, instead of getting the veto from Memphis.

Jessie won a slop surprise. He trades it for the Veto with Memphis.

April won $10,000 in gold bars. Each bar can be used for bartering (ex: give someone $5,000 to take you off the block, etc). April kept it. She said she kept it for "selfish reasons".

Jerry won a Letter from Home. He trades for the POV with Jessie.

Libra won a Unitard. She trades it with Michelle for the Hawaii trip (a week for 2 to Maui). Michelle was BEYOND pissed!!!!

Memphis got to choose any HG to be on slop: he chose Jerry.

Winner of the POV is:


Michelle vents to Jessie about the Unitard. Michelle called Libra a "whore, slut, skank" in the Diary Room. (WOW!)

Michelle puts on the Unitard and was PISSSSSSEDDDD!! Jessie said that her ass looked great and she told him to shut up. lol


The POV Ceremony: Jerry doesn't use it.

Jessie thinks he's not going home.

*End of Show*

Back to the live feeds I go!! :-D

Stay tuned...