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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

April calls the "7" up to the HOH room

The new alliance of Keesha/Libra/Memphis/Dan/Renny got together earlier and suspected that April would be calling them up there at some point to make sure that the "7" alliance is still voting out Memphis. They all agreed to lie their asses off and give her what she wanted to hear but obviously will still stick to their own new alliance of 5 and keep Memphis this week.

They all head up there and April starts listing the pros and cons of keeping each of the guys, but focusing more on how big of a threat Memphis is. Dan kinda surprised me because he's the one who spoke up and reminded April of things that Jessie has won (POV, HOH) but they all told her that the plan was still on to vote out Jessie this week.

Jerry, who has quickly become one of my most annoying HG's, all of sudden snapped on Libra and told her to let him talk for once but then he stopped. Well, as soon the alcohol arrived & Michelle let everyone know, the HOH room filtered out and Jerry told April that he doesn't believe them at all and he thinks they're gonna try to get out Jessie this week but it's not going to work because they have the votes anyways (they think they still have Dan on their side).

In other news, Jessie had mentioned just a little bit ago that if he ends up getting evicted, he's going to know it was Dan that flipped and he's going to shake his hand and break it. (I sure hope BB production heard that and will warn him on it.)

For me, Thursday can't come fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT to see all this shit go down and see the look on Jessie's and even Michelle's face (though I'm kinda diggin Michelle, I love her temper! lol)

When Jerry snapped on Libra, and it's most likely because he knows about their new alliance and can't say anything, the first thing that ran through my mind is that Jerry (who is on slop & breaking down) won't be able to wait until Thursday to open his mouth. I can really see all hell breaking loose and Jerry being the reason. We shall see!

Currently on the feeds at 10:13pm BBT, everyone is in a good mood and chatting away and roaming around the house. Nothing major to report. :)

I'll keep ya'll posted!!

Stay tuned...