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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Goood morning, everyone! The coffee is brewing and I'm going to finish up the overnight report and I'll be back posting it in a just a few minutes, so hang tight!

It's Thursday and you know what that means:

Today is LIVE EVICTION DAY!!!! :-D
And you know what that means..a new HOH!!

Speaking of HOH, the HOH comp isn't going to be an endurance comp because they would have started to build it already. But hopefully it's physical so that Memphis can win HOH & FINALLY shake that house up!!!!! Or Renny, or Keesha!! Those 3 will REALLY shake the house up! :-D

Earlier last night, Libra asked Dan how he's voting and he said he wasn't sure (though he's voting her out).

Everybody *still* thinks Dan is America's Player and they won't shut up about it. Can't Julie Chen just tell them that there is no America's Player in the house so that we can hear everyone talk about a different subject for a change? lol

Alright, moving right along...

Backyard Playing Pool:

They all talk about how Libra has simply given up & wants to go. But Michelle thinks that Libra is using reverse psychology (what she majored in) to get them to think that she's weak and doesn't care anymore so keep her in the game, she's already broken.

Dan got in trouble in the Diary Room for his singing different theme songs all night. lol

Switch to:
Dan & Michelle Main Bathroom

They talked about the votes & questioned Dan on his vote (to get Libra out).

Michelle said that even if "they" tried to pull something, she'd be the 4th vote and she's not voting to keep way, no how!

She then questions where Dan stands on voting..

Dan: "There is no scenario in which I would want to keep Libra here."

Michelle said that she wants Dan to prove his word to her by sending Libra packing. He assures her he will.


Before bedtime, Ollie told April that the Diary Room is gonna call her back in to talk about Ollie & Renny's snoring.

April: "I just took all my makeup off!!!!"
Ollie: "Well..they're gonna call you back in."
April: (talking to BB) "Guys, you can call me all you want, I am NOT going back in there tonight!! I don't have my makeup on."

Switch to:
Libra/April in 80's bedroom:

Libra tells April that it's "just a game" and she talks about how her getting evicted is a result of her actions for the weeks prior and she knows that. She tells April "when you're on the block, nobody wants to talk to you." Libra then talks about how her daughter(s) and how if they ever told Libra that they wanna be on Big Brother 27, that Libra would tell them:

Libra: "HELL! NO!!"

Libra also told April/Ollie that she's really worried about how she will be perceived from the show.

Switch to HOH Room:

Dan tells Michelle about how Libra approached him earlier to see how he's voting, and Dan told Michelle...

Dan: "I told her that I would think about it..
(Michelle looks worried for a split-second)
Dan: "BUT I only said that to get the names [of who else would vote Keesha out]."
Michelle: "You better not fuck me!!" (referring to Dan voting for Libra to stay.)

Switch to Main Bathroom:

Michelle warned Keesha about how Libra might be using reverse psychology on all of them and to be her shadow all day today to make sure she doesn't try to get votes, not that she really could, but just to be extra careful. Keesha says she will.

And this concludes your Overnight Report!! ;-)

Stay tuned...