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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning in the BB house: (pics)

The HG's are up and moving about.

Libra told everybody that "they" (the Diary Room) told her the schedule for today.

Libra: "We're going to go up and get locked in the HOH room for an hour..maybe two. Then we're going to clean..well, ya'll are going to clean. I have to pack."

Renny is moving around the house and tells BB:

Renny: "Big Brother, don't mess with me today!" (lol)

She then goes into the Spa Room where Keesha & Dan are and asks Dan how he's doing this morning, he says "good".

Meanwhile, Michelle & April made their way up to the HOH room and discussed what today's HOH comp could be. They think it will be a Question/Answer with a buzzer comp. They start going over facts of the housguests:

They go over questions like "How many kids does Renny have?" and "True or False: Was Jessie in a magazine?" (which the answer is "yes")

They hurry up & talk, then both leave the HOH room.

Switch to:
Michelle/Jerry/Ollie are in the Living Room.

They are whisper-talking about the same type of questions.

Michelle: "How many years have you been in the military?" (4 years)

Michelle tells them both that she walked in on Libra "trying to get votes" (I didn't see with who, though.) They go on to call her "crazy" and a "liar".

They continue with questions/answers to prepare for today's comp.

Currently, the HG's are on HOH lockdown.

This happens every Live Show Day and can last from 1 hour to 2 hours. I hate HOH lockdown's because there's never any fighting or game play, it's just stories & such being shared with each other and/or HG's taking naps. :-P

Stay tuned...