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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Overnight Report

Good morning, everyone!!

Last night, nothing much happened. The HG's counted down until midnight for Renny's birthday.

When it finally hit midnight, the HG's all hugged her and wished her a Happy Birthday and Renny celebrated by doing a little dance on the coffee table in the living room and then standing on her head. lol That girl is so damn spunky, I love it!

There was a little more talk about possibly getting out Jessie this week instead of Angie, but nothing really came of it. I think it could still be a possibility for Jessie to get voted out this week over Angie. Jerry pushes the idea of evicting Jessie every time the idea is brought up, so he's all for it. Libra made mention of it last night and Keesha thought about it for about a minute but then changed the subject.

Dan, Memphis, and Angie talked last night in the backyard.

They were asking Dan some questions to get a better feel for who is and wanted to learn about him. It was a nice convo! :) Then they had that all important "What would you do if you won" talk that every HG asks at one point or another in the game. Angie, being as she knows she's going home, made light of the question and said "Well, if I wasn't being voted out, I would..." lol Memphis had mentioned a few moments later that he would want to nominated Jerry & Libra, but Angie suggested Libra & April (I agree!!!!) That alliance needs to be split up if Memphis wants to stay in the game. Memphis's alliance is slowly dying; Angie's going home (as of now) and Jessie has buried himself so much that it's only a matter of time before he goes, too. If Memphis won HOH this week, he would really shake the house up and I would love to see that happen!!!

As of right now, the houseguests are too predictable. But getting the right HOH into power could destroy all of that and switch alliances up real quick...and that's what we all wanna see, right? I know I do. I would love to watch the game if Keesha, Libra, Jessie, and April were out of the house. I get asked alot in the comment section "Who are you pulling for? Who's your favorite", and as of right now, Memphis is my favorite (I never saw that one coming!! lol) Steven was my 1st fav, and Angie was my 2nd fav. So if Angie goes home, Memphis moves to my current favorite HG.

Who is your favorite houseguest??? Tell me in the comment section below!!! I'd love to get feedback from ya'll.

Okay, so that's it for the overnight report!! Don't forget that tonight BB is on CBS at 9pm EST!! :-D

Stay tuned...