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Monday, July 28, 2008

Keesha, Libra. and Renny talk about Jessie

Renny, Libra and Keesha are up in the HOH talking (as Libra & Keesha do their makeup). They talked about how much of a low-life Jessie is, and about how he brags that he takes girls on dates to Wendy's (fast food place) and the girls always pay for his meals. Then they start talking about how Jessie, even if he were to get to the final 2, would never win the money because nobody would vote for him.

Libra: "The only way that I would ever vote for him, if he were to even make it, is if Big Brother let someone come in here and strangle all of us in the middle of the night."

The talk then switches gears to this being BB's 10th anniversary and Libra wonders if BB will do something special this season for the anniversay when it gets down to 10 people. She then starts wondering about the twist this season and if there will be one and says that every year BB has been on, there's been a twist (which is not true..the very early seasons didn't).

Stay tuned...