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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Overnight Report (vids)

Last night was action packed in the BB house!!! If you were up, and you have the live feeds (or Showtime for the After Dark show), then you had a lot of entertainment last night!!!

The HG's decided to put on a little play for the audiences at home, and they did not disappoint!! :-D

Here is Part 1:

Part 2:

And here are some of my favortie screenshots from last night that I took:

In other news, Ollie & April had sex last night! Those of you on the feeds saw and heard it. lol It was under the covers, with the lights ON, in the Spa Room. It didn't take long until preacher-son Ollie was..*cough*.."done". ;-) lol The whole thing was about 3 minutes from start to finish. The only exchange of words that I could hear was:

April: "You gotta pull out..."
Ollie: "Okay."

Here's a video of those two talking just seconds after they had sex:

Oh, and later on, Keesha found the condom LOL :

One more thing...

Jessie changed his mind on his "status", and now he's proclaiming he's single. HUH???? Yesterday he had a girlfriend, then claimed they were just "dating" (whatever the hell that means!), and now he's saying his single? Is this kid bi-polar?? lol Oyy!!! :-P

Okay, so that's the overnight report! Leave lots & lots of comments (I love reading & commenting back with ya'll.)

Stay tuned...