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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Episode #4 on CBS:

Hey everyone!!!

Okay, I'm back! :-D I'm running REALLY late (30 mins), but I'll blog the last 30 mins.

Right now they're showing Steven & Keesha talking about dogs. Keesha is saying how much she loves & misses her dog.


Everyone decided if they wanted to be on the green team or on the red team. Jesie, Angie, Dan, Steve, Ollie, Renny, and Jerry were on the red team. The others were on the other team.

It's a France themed comp. It's about wine and corking holes, and catching wine in glasses. I can't even begin to describe the comp. lol It's too complicated.

April says she does NOT wanna be on slop.

Sounds like Dan did a GREAT job at the comp!!! He was on top of his game for the green team. Renny also did a GREAT job for the red team.

Okay, the green team won (as we already knew). But they said that they'd be on slop for only 1 week (not two, as we gathered from the houseguests. Hmm!) Libra started to get angry and fighting with April.


Dan tried to get Jessie up in the HOH room alone to talk, Dan asked to use his bathroom, Jessie said yes but never went up with him. So Dan was up there waiting forever. LOL :-P Jessie finally did go up there, but a long time later and with Ollie at his side. They forget Dan was even up there! But attempt #2 to talk to Jessie was successful. Dan campaigns. Jessie listens.


They're showing the nomination ceremony. Renny & Dan are both really nervous. Steven said (in a diary room session) that Jessie is too cocky.

Jessie is putting the keys in the round nomination wheel...First key is Keesha (as we learned this week, that was to give Keeshsa a false sense of hope of security).

Nominated for Eviction are:

Dan & Steven

Jessie said that Steven never went up to see his HOH room, Steven said "Uh, I was sleeping when you got your key." Jessie's response was "It was still 24 hours before you came up there."

Jessie said that Dan is loyal and will be until the end with an alliance so he's going to (basically) keep him close.

Steven's last diary room of the show was hilarious: he called Jessie "a tool". lol Then they showed Jessie in the Diary Room after a session and about to walk out and he flexes his arm in the camera and says "You can't even get all 18 inches (of my arm) in that camera!" in a really cocky way.

ARGHHH!!! I do NOT like that punk! lol Sorry Jessie fans, I'm not feeling him.