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Monday, September 1, 2008

POV Ceremony has begun!!

At 11:41am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that the POV Ceremony is underway!! :-D

So, what will happen? Well, if all goes according to plan, Memphis will take Dan off the block and Renny will have to be the replacement nom..making it Keesha & Renny on the block this week.

The votes will be totally up to Dan & Memphis (aka "The Renegades") and they're going to be voting out Renny this week, and taking Keesha to the Final 4 with them.

Jerry still thinks he can play in the HOH on Thursday (which he can't), so it won't matter who wins this weeks will, however, matter who wins POV. If Jerry wins the POV, then the "Final 3" plan of Keesha/Dan/Memphis is gonna fail.

I'll report right here when the feeds come back! :-D

12:20pm BBT:

On the Block this week:

Keesha & Renny

(Memphis took Dan off the block, Jerry renomed Renny.)

Renny: "I'm not gonna walk around here depressed." (laughs)

Memphis: (to Dan) "Jerry is gonna probably flip out on me, dude."
Dan: "Why??"
Memphis: "Because I took you off the block. He wanted you GONE, dude!"

12:30pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Keesha: "It sucks! I mean, I guess it had to happen at some point, sucks."

Memphis joins them outside.

Dan: "How do you think [Renny] is gonna be?" (sounding concerned)
Memphis: "She seems fine..."

All 3 of them are sad that Renny has to go this week. They didn't want any of "them" to go home. It's not what they had in mind.

Keesha walks to the bathroom to blow her nose and dry her eyes (she's shedding a tear or two about Renny leaving.)

Jerry is upstairs in his HOH bed laying down but awake.
Jerry: (to himself) "I gotta win HoH next week. I think I can play?"

Switching to:
Backyard Couch

Memphis: "Is Jerry pissed?"
Keesha: "I don't know, he didn't say a word to me."
Memphis: "I'm sure he hates all of us, but he wanted [Dan] to go home this week. I just f**ed up his plan."

Talk continues.

Dan: "What are we gonna do about Jerry?"
Memphis: "I dunno. I'm just gonna say 'Itt's not about Dan', ya know what I mean? We need to win [HOH]. Worse case scenario: Keesha wins HOH and Jerry wins POV, then one of us goes. I don't think it matters who goes up."
Dan: "Wouldn't you be surprised if Keesha puts us two up?"
Memphis: "Ya. That's the worst case scenario. We just need to win HOH."
Dan: "Jerry cannot win POV."
Memphis: "That just can't happen.\"
Dan: "We have 3 to 1 chance [against Jerry]. As long as Keesha doesn't do something with Jerry, ya know?"
Memphis: "I wish that shit was now."
Dan: "I'm gonna be flipping out next Tuesday."
Dan: "Final four, dude."
Memphis: "I know man. I didn't think there was any way..."
Dan: "I know, me too."
Dan: "here were some smart shifty people in this house."
Memphis: "I know that Keesha turned out a lot smarter than I was expecting."

Switching to:
60's Room

Renny: "Did you know that was gonna go down?"
Keesha: "I had no clue!" (lie)
[long pause]
Renny: "Dan could win this game!"
Keesha: "I know."

1:12pm BBT:
Everyone is laying down except Dan who is in the kitchen washing dishes.

1:21pm BBT:
Renny is now in the kitchen with Dan. They're talking about crabbing. Jerry is now up in the HOH moving around and spying on Renny/Dan on the spy screen. Memphis just joined Dan/Renny in the kitchen. Keesha is still sleeping.

1:27pm BBT:
Not a whole lot going on right now on the feeds. Renny is laying back down, Dan & Memphis are eating. Jerry is roaming around, and Keesha is still laying down.

Stay tuned...