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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Overnight Report/Morning Update

Nothing too much happened last night, so there's not much to report. Jessie & Michelle talked game alot but it's the same story over & over again.

The only major thing that happened last night was that April said her target this week is Memphis, and Jerry is on the same page. That surprised me when Jerry said he wanted Memphis out this week and not Jessie. He's been trying to get Jessie out for weeks now. Caught me a little off guard. Will it be another week of Jessie sliding through? We'll see how the week goes!

So that's pretty much it for the overnight report. Oh! Forgot to mention that Ollie & April had make-up sex.

On to the Morning Update:

As of 8:31am BBT (which is 11:31am EST), the HG's are still sleeping & dreaming away:

I'll post updates on the HG's as soon as they wake up, or get woken up by BB, and start moving around the house. :)

UPDATED @ 10:28am BBT:
The houseguests are still sleeping...

Stay tuned...