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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Morning in the BB house:

The HG's have been woken up by BB and they are moving about and getting their day started.

10:34am BBT:

Michelle took advantage of them being alone in the kitchen to campaign to stay in the game. She made some pretty good points, actually.

Michelle: "Dan can't play for HOH and if Jerry said he would "avenge" my who do you think he's going to put up? You or him. I promise you 1 week of safety, you have my word. Jerry thinks he's staying.."

Keesha: "Ya I know. He hasn't even tried to campaign. He thinks he's safe."

Michelle: "You also have to think about Dan; if he could do what he did during the POV Ceremony, think of what else he can do. He put Memphis on the block. Why did he do that? Think about it. Dan must have had a deal with Jerry that he was safe, why else would he have put up Memphis and asked him not to use the POV? Dan must have wanted Memphis out."

They end their convo because too many people are moving around the house at this point. Keesha goes outside where Memphis is, and Michelle runs into the Spa Room and tells Ollie everything she just told Keesha.

**Wow, the HG's have been up for 5 mins and already there's a TON of game talk on the live feeds!!

10:42am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Keesha tells Memphis about her convo with Michelle.

They both say that Michelle is doing the same thing as Jerry: they're BOTH not really campaigning to stay. Michelle may say 1 thing, but she doesn't seem like she cares.

Memphis: "And why is she still hanging onto Ollie? AND Jerry?! At this point, she should have broken free from them and started to try to stay. But she's hanging around Ollie, like, constantly."

Keesha: "I'm going to ask Jerry today why he hasn't campaigned at all. It's too weird. I wanna see what he's thinking."

Memphis: "Ya, just ask him and see what he says."

Keesha: "..I wonder if Dan told Jerry that he's safe."

Renny & Dan join Keesha on the couch. Memphis went inside the house (I believe to refill his coffee.) Michelle is outside folding her towels.

10:59am BBT:
Spa Room

Talking about how they still think that Dan "is a plant" in the house.
Michelle leaves and is now in the 50's room getting clothes.

11:03am BBT
Switch to:
Backyard Couch

Renny: "What did [Michelle] have to say? Tryin' to save herself?"
Keesha: [pause] "Yes."

Memphis re-joins.

Memphis: "That was a very interesting [Diary Room Session].."
BB: "Dan, please come go to the Diary Room."
Memphis: (to Dan) "You'll see what I mean. It's not like anything we've done before. Might be completely random who goes in the D.R. right now."

They're all talking about how weird it was that BB played "Hookey Pookey" for the wake up song today.

Renny goes inside, Keesha follows a minute later to get ready (makeup/hair) for her Diary Room session that should be coming up shortly.

11:15am BBT:
All 4 feeds on Michelle & Keesha in the bathroom. Michelle is showering, Keesha is drying her hair.

Stay tuned...