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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House: (pics)

All has been rather quiet in the BB house today. Small talk about the end of the show happenings, etc etc has been the topic of several convos today.

12:40pm BBT:
Ollie/Michelle/Rennyin the kitchen area.

Michelle is throwing Jerry "under the bus" today and trying to get everyone to get Jerry out this week instead of her.

Michelle: "The colonel says funny things."
Ollie: "What did he say?"
Michelle: he's gonna avenge my leaving
Renny: "What did u say, Michelle?"
Michelle: "He's gonna avenge my leaving."
Renny: "Who'd say something like that, only him."
Michelle: "Ya know, what he said to me yesterday, he said 'uh so you wouldn't kill an old man like me to stay in the game would you?'"
Renny: "What did you tell him?"
Michelle:: "I said 'I'd put murder on my rap sheet to stay.'"
Renny: *laughs*
Michelle: "Somebody's taking him for a ride, he's gonna make it to the final 2 and he's gonna be like 'wow how'd that happen', he's gonna slip thru the cracks of this game.
Renny: "I came in this game to make friends, yeah right!"
Michelle: "I think he kinda made me know something I don't know, he keeps giving me suble hints."
Renny: "He don't know shit."
Michelle: "He basically said he was JFK."
Renny: "It's called the power of suggestion, if you say it enough then people believe it."
Michelle: "Is that what hes doing?"
Renny: "Ya!"

(Keesha enters)

Renny: "In this house, if anybody trusts anything that comes outta peoples mouths..."
Michelle: "I know."

Renny: "In his situation, when your about to blow, you can only have like deals and stuff like that. It's certainly not gonna jeopardize your health, Renny talking about when she held on during her HOH reign how long she held on."
Ollie: "I give everybody the benefit of the doubt no matter what and thats hurt me in the game."
Renny: "Well the games not over thats for sure."
Keesha: "FARRRR from over."
Renny: "In fact, it's just getting started."
Michelle: "Oh yeah!"
Ollie: "I couldn't have said it better."
Michelle: "Man...something big could happen thursday. Maybe like a twist or something."
Keesha: "Nobody should ever walk around here thinking they have this game." (talking about how Jerry has been acting lately.)

80's Room:

Ollie and Michelle were talking about Renny talking to Ollie about what dan did this week (with backdooring Michelle). While they were talking, Renny actually went into the room and tells Ollie that "Jesus sees what is going on and Jesus was betrayed and lied to." and then she left quickly and Ollie and Michlle talk about making deals with Renny.

(Uh oh!)

1:46pm BBT:
Ollie/Renny in bathroom

Ollie talked to Renny in the bathroom about why he is not up on the block this week. He said that Dan could have easily put him up. Renny said she could have put him up the other week but she didnt want to and that nobody will tell her who to put up & who not to put up. Ollie told Renny that he respects her and appreciates that and wants her in his corner. She agrees and he says he will take her up on it.

(Renny & Ollie in an alliance now??)

Ollie: "Hypothetically speaking, would you ever vote the colonel out?"
Renny: "ya..."
Ollie: "Would you do it? That's for Michelle...You would?"
Renny: "Yeah."
Ollie: "Do you think we could get Keesha to vote Jerry out this week? We should do it this week. We'll see what happens, keep that in mind though."

2:02pm BBT:
Michelle/Ollie in 80's Room

Ollie told Michelle about his conversation that he just had with Renny and about how he asked her if she would vote out Jerry this week and that Renny said that she has to work on Keesha (to vote Jerry out).

2:27pm BBT:
Renny joins Dan & Keesha in backyard and says she is getting pounded in there [by Ollie & Michelle].

She says Michelle is definately going home this week but that Jerry needs to go home next week. She's had enough of him.

Renny: (to Dan) "I mean, I'll listen to [Michelle] but there's nothing we can do. What am I supposed to say to her, ya know? So if you see me talking to [Michelle]..."
Dan: "Oh no, I won't even question it."

Renny goes inside to finish her hair, leaving Dan & Keesha alone outside.

Keesha: "Do you think [Michelle] would ever vote Jerry out?"

Stay tuned...