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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Afternoon in the BB House: (pics)

The HG's are finally off of HOH lockdown.

Keesha is packing her clothes:

...and everyone else is either eating or cleaning:

Not much of any kind of conversation is going on.

Libra is trying to take a nap because she didn't get much sleep last night (the girls were up talking/giggling most of the night.)

Keesha: "You sleeping, over there?"
Libra: "I'm trying to. Didn't get much sleep last night."

Keesha talks about misc. topics while Libra is trying to nap.

Keesha: "Were your kids planned?"
Libra: "Ya. The second one was supposed to be 1 baby, but then we found out we were having twins." (She was so happy when she found out she was having twins.)

Updated @ 1:20pm BBT:
Ollie is reading the bible, Dan is helping Renny put the cleaning supplies away, Jerry is laying down, April is doing dishes as Michelle talks to her about Libra "never cleaning a thing in her life".

(I guess they're getting in their last Libra bashings before she walks out the door tonight.)

Updated @ 2:11pm BBT:
Feeds are on TRIVIA!!!! ..which means that the feeds won't be back on until AFTER the live show tonight. As always, I will be blogging the Live Eviction tonight right here on the blog & the Chat Room will open promptly at 8pm/EST (5pm BBT).

See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...