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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Overnight Report (pics)

Gooood morning, BB10 Blog fans! :-D

Last night, it was nothing but a good time on the feeds!!

First we had Angie, Dan & Memphis playing "Duck Hunt" (which was hilarious!), then they decided to do "Gladiators". The Gladiators were Memphis (aka "Turbo" lol), Ollie, Dan, and Jessie. While Ollie..uh..."filled" out his costume (hehe ;-) ), Jessie sadly did not. lol

The girls, and Jerry, sat on the sidelines and watched. Jerry wasn't interested in anything all night long. "Every party has a pooper.."

They set up the lawn furniture to be hiding places to run to/from, and had a couple of balls that enhanced their game.

Since it was still Renny's birthday, the girls decided to surprise her by dressing up in costumes and taking turns giving her lap dances.
Renny was laughing and enjoying every minute of it! lol

After the fun and games stopped, Keesha and Libra went upstairs to the HOH room to talk and chill. They talked about how Jessie very well could go end up in the Final 2 only because he would be so easy to win against. But then on another note, Libra was saying that she is very scared that Jessie could win HOH this week because she is positive that she would be one of his noms (and she's 100% correct, Jessie has made this no secret that he wants Libra gone ASAP.) Libra is scared of Jessie winning HOH, but if she's that scared, why wouldn't she push to get him out this week, instead of Angie??You would think the girls would put 2 and 2 together and get Jessie out, but nope (at least not yet.)

Libra thinks her and April will get nom'ed if anybody in the other alliance wins HOH this week (again, she's correct.) Then the talk switched to how well Angie is dealing with going home this week, and Libra says "its a once in a lifetime experience (to be on BB)." There was a little bit of Jerry bashing between the two girls as well, and then commented on how they feel bad for bashing him because he's a grandfather but he's annoying and they don't want him in the house anymore.

They also think Memphis likes Angie more than a friend (not true, he's very much in love with his girlfriend back home).

Keesha: "Why is he so far up Angie's ass?"

(Umm, it's called a REAL friendship, Keesha! You know, the opposite of you & Libra!)

Keesha wondered why she didn't get the HOH camera yet to take pics and why she wasn't asked to blog either. Most of the HG's just figured it was because of the earthquake yesterday and that it just got put off. They still don't know that the live eviction has been moved to tomorrow (Thursday).

If one thing ran true in the house last night, it's that EVERYBODY talked about how badly they HAVE to win the HOH this week!! With everybody so determined, this should make one hell of an HOH comp!

Tomorrow's HOH comp is rumored (by a reliable source) to be the 1st Endurance Comp of the season! I, for one, freaking LOVE endurance comps!!!! I love that they can last for several hours (yes, hours!) and it's all shown on the live feeds! Endurance comps are a great way to shove the HG's into situations that they normally wouldn't put themselves in (mostly from making deals that they can't keep) and then it's GAME ON, bitches!! :-D

Alright, so there ya have it..the Overnight Report! I'll be back once I get some breakfast in my tummy & as soon as the HG's wake up. :)

Stay tuned...