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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jerry & Keesha talk about Jessie

Jerry and Keesha are sitting out back talking and the topic of Jessie comes up. Jerry says that he can't believe that Michelle is still hanging around Jessie, only because he will destory her game play in the house. Keesha agrees. Jerry says that she needs to get away from him and play her own game.

They then hear sirens in the background and Jerry says that it could be a gas line break/fire from the earthquake that happened earlier today.

Meanwhile, Jessie & Michelle are talking on the couch. Jessie won't shut the hell up about this weeks eviction.

He seriously thinks he's going home and that he wants to talk to people to bad mouth Angie. (Keep digging that hole, Jessie!)

Keesha is talking to Ollie, Libra and Jerry in the backyard and they're all talking shit on Angie. Is it just me or has Keesha's reign of being HOH felt like a month??? Lawdy.

Now Keesha is complaining that theres no food in the house (all the HG's have complained about that today because the food supply seriously is in trouble). And the rest of the group are complaining that they're extremely bored.

Stay tuned...