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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eathquake in the Big Brother 10 house (pics)

A little bit ago, there was an earthquake going on in California and the BB house got rocked!!

Jessie, Memphis, and Michelle were outside talking when I started noticing the camera shaking pretty badly...

Michelle: "Do you feel that???"
Michelle: *gasps & runs*
Michelle: "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!"

The feeds immediatley cut to the fish tank, which was moving & shaking (I thought for sure the tank was going to fall over.)

Update: At 2:53pm, the feeds came back and the HG's are fine..shakin' up, but fine. Michelle said that was "fuckin scary!! The GROUND moved!! Felt like one big surf board.."

Jerry, who was inside, said that he thought a truck hit the house. Jessie & Memphis are making fun of that statement...

Memphis: "Ya, 'cause a truck hitting the house would make the fucking ground move."

And regualar life in the house resumes, but talk about the earthquake still continues. Michelle, who is doing laundry, yells to Ollie "Was that your first earthquake??" and he says yes. Keesha said even SHE was scared because of how strong it was, Keesha has never experienced an earthquake *that* strong before.

..and now Michelle is doing a little Manscaping for Memphis by shaving his back. lol

Stay tuned...